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Fieldwork Exercise

For the fieldwork exercise, I was asked to pick an activity that involved culturally circumscribed behavior and use observation and informal interview to record the activity ang get an idea of the meaning the participants attached to their behavior. 

I chose to observe a Work Session held by my local Board of Education office. I have never attended the meetings, therefore, I felt that it would make the observation more subjective. 

The experience was eye opening. I found that when taking the time to observe what is actually happening around us, we tend to notice things that we normally would overlook. The meeting lasted almost two hours. Observations of the way people interact and behave in a particular setting can help us understand why the behavior is expected as well as the norms for the phenomena.

Talking to the people who are participating in the Work Session helped me to further understand why they did what they did and why it was important to them.


Fieldwork Exercise

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