Image by Andreas Klassen

Final Words & Reflection

Participation in this course gave me an eye opening experience. First, I was able to take a deep dive into the methodology of Qualitative Research. I now understand the different approaches to a qualitative study and what each encompasses. I also understand that ethics play a major part in the approval, development, and validity of any qualitative research study.

I know that qualitative researchers employ three instruments to collect data. The first instrument is interviews. This can be a one-on-one interview or a focus group. Second, is a observation. Observations can give researchers the opportunity to look deeper into the meaning of a phenomena as it naturally occurs. Finally, is document analysis. Documents can range from photographs to public documents. These depend greatly on the study.

In addition, qualitative researchers analyze data to find meaning by interpreting the data and looking for reoccurring themes.

Not only did a gain a deeper understanding of qualitative research, but I also had the opportunity to experience the rigor in developing and conducting a study. Qualitative research takes time, commitment, and great attention to detail. It takes time and practice to develop skills in conducting interviews and observations as well as knowing what data is important. 

I do feel materials we we covered in class affected my view of the EDD Leadership program.  I realize that this program is designed to make EXCEPTIONAL leaders. The dedication and hard work it takes to complete an EDD is challenging to say the least. Those that make it to the end are definitely deserving and have the grit needed to endure. 

The class was designed efficiently. The environment was inviting and Dr. T. was supportive of me as a student. She pushed us all to do our best and did not except mediocrity.

I think that I should receive an 89 for this class. To get an A, I needed to be an excellent student. I feel that I let some of the stressors of life and other unexpected tribulations get in the way of turning all of my assignments in on time. That was completely my fault. I felt like I could have gotten more constructive feedback from the instructor had I did so. However, I gave myself an 89 because despite those obstacles, I did not give up and I still did my best work. All of the assignments that I turned in, were completed to the best of my ability no matter how long it took me to complete them. I read all of the books as recommended and even more to gain knowledge in areas of interest to me. I am going to continue working tirelessly until I secure my EDD.

I would like to point out that even though I did not get immediate feedback. I read every single paper turned in by my peers and the feedback Dr. T. gave to them. I am so glad that she emphasized the fact that we are all working toward a common goal and the feedback she gives to one of her students may be beneficial to the others. I appreciate that process of thinking and am grateful to have had the accessibility.