My Reflections on the Literature


Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods

by Michael Patton (2015) 4th ed.

Michael Patton incorporates rich details and storytelling in this book to enhance the understanding of the concepts and terms presented. He uses concrete examples to support his explanations of methodology involved in qualitative research.

Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods
In a Meeting

Learning Reflection:
Collaborative Sessions

The collaborative sessions were extremely informative. The very first collaborative session was held during the first week of school. Going into the meeting, I felt like it was going to be a challenge. Learning this new concept was like attempting to understand a foreign language. It always seems overwhelming at first, but the Dr. T. assured us that we were capable of doing the work and that she was available to support us throughout the process. 

I enjoyed being able to engage with my classmates. Although many of us were on different pathways and each of us came from a different professional background, this course was a shared experience for us all. Dr. T. was very welcoming. I could tell she was experienced in qualitative research and knew how much we needed to learn if we were to be successful. 

The information presented during the collaborative sessions was very detailed and answered many of the questions that I had. Unfortunately, I missed two or three of the sessions because they fell on the days we had required staff meeting at my job. The meetings were not recorded, so I was unable to watch them. I did send email correspondence to the instructor to check on the meetings that I did have time to attend, but found out were rescheduled. Even though I missed some of the meetings, I made sure to keep up with the assigned readings and resources presented.