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In this assignment, I identified the ways in which my own cultural lens might affect my research. I also list ways to minimize the refraction that might occur. 

This activity was very important because if I am to truly understanding the nature of qualitative research, I need to understand the implications that culture and subjectivity could have on my research study. Many times we subconsciously depict our cultural norms and values as "accepted" or "the right way" when observing the actions of others. This view or lens may affect the interpretation of the research study. It is important to understand the culture of those participating in the study and well as the social context.

Subjectivity is no different, in this aspect. The researchers subjective views and beliefs should not be a reflection observed behaviors in a study. The study should be objective and reported from the perspective of the participant(s).

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Beginning Knowledge

In this assignment, the task was to explain my existing knowledge regarding Qualitative Research.

Research 9800 introduced Qualitative Research and what it encompasses. One of the major points made in that course was that qualitative research dealt with the social phenomena of human behavior. Qualitative researchers aimed to understand why humans behave a certain way in their natural environment. It involves gaining an understanding of people’s rituals, attitudes, interactions, and beliefs. Qualitative studies should add to existing research studies, similar to quantitative studies. The study should solve or address a problem.
One of the major differences between qualitative research and quantitative research is that quantitative research is attempting to prove something while qualitative research attempts to explain something. Quantitative data is numerical while qualitative data is observational. Qualitative research methods include but are not limited to case studies, interviews (structured, semi-structured, unstructured), and focus groups.
It is also important to mention that qualitative research must also be validated. Qualitative research does not have to be generalizable, but the study should be able to be conducted again the same way in the same setting.

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